sp_spaceused - Not returns correct information about Rows, Reserved Pages, Used Pages

The system stored procedure "sp_spaceused" is used to fetch the Rows, Reserved Page size, Used Data size, Allocated index size,... Etc

Sometimes, It not returns correct statistics.. How to solve this..?

Run the statement

DBCC UPDATEUSAGE(0) --Current Database

If inaccuracies are found and corrected and WITH NO_INFOMSGS is not used, DBCC UPDATEUSAGE returns the rows and columns being updated in the system tables.

It returns the following formation when it correct/update on System tables.

DBCC UPDATEUSAGE: Usage counts updated for table 'TableName' (index 'NCI2', partition 1):
USED pages (In-row Data): changed from (4969) to (4961) pages.
RSVD pages (In-row Data): changed from (4989) to (4985) pages.
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.

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