Linked Server Limitations

The following are the Linked Server limitations:

1. Login mappings have to exist along all paths it's using (Servers)

2. Amount of data coming from the other server, resulting in some very bad query plans (Query plan may not be Re-Used effectively)

3. Context Switching inside the Stored Procedure will cause problem.

4. XML type parameter cannot be used with Linked Server.

5. Table-valued parameters cannot be used.

6. CLR User-defined data type cannot be used.

7. Cannot call table-valued functions with four-part notation.

8. BULK INSERT statement into linked server is not supported.

9. Save Transaction Cannot be applied during distributed transaction.

10. Case statement won't work properly.

11. There is a chance to exceed the “remote query timeout (s)”

The following are the two main system stored procedures to implement Linked Server
1. sp_addlinkedserver - Used to define the linked server name to access an OLEDB datasources.

2. sp_addlinkedsrvlogin - Local SQL Server logins are mapped to logins in the linked server.

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